Hello there! I'm Zain A. Samdani

 A robotic enthusiast and an expressive artist sparked by cartoons to make fiction a reality and aid humanity. 


I'm a 19-year-old robotic enthusiast in pursuit of making lives better via innovation. I have worked on various projects, my most notable one being ExoHeal - Retraining your brain with robots. which garnered international recognition.


I'm a roboticist, an artist, a poet, a youtuber, and a photographer but above all I'm a ME.


While painting gives life to my creativity, robotics helps me materialize it. I also love photography, it enables me to capture some of the most beautiful moments that life possess.


This website is a platform I use to express and showcase my self on the internet.

My journey

My journey began with my mother, seeing her busy in her household work and spending less time for herself is what inspired me to create robots that could lessen her burden.