• Zain


3 kingdoms, once separated by barriers two. The blue, A stronghold of power. It lies at the top, serene and isolated from the picture. You’ll definitely wanna be on this site. It enjoys the bounties of life, unaware of the chaos beneath.

The Yellows occupies the majority of space. It’s in the center and as most cases are also the center of attention to the viewer. Its unbalanced nature brings in all sorts of shades. The Reds are suppressed. Neglected and forgotten, they’ve had enough. They cascade the barrier and invade the Yellow kingdom. 2 brave souls fight the Darkness that swells in the midst of battle. The Yellows run for the Blue. However, they’re blocked by a fortitude of shades. Advanced techniques hold them at bay. And so they’re left to fight their own battle. Only a small portion of reds invade the Blue Kingdom. They’re able to get to the top and prosper in their lives.

Such is the case of our society.

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