• Zain

I Dare to Dream cause I know I'll Scream

Updated: May 28, 2018

A joy soo free yet soo terribly free.

Wishing to live the same dream,

I climb soo high reaching the sky.

A sky to conquer,

A world to explore,

The heights are Extreme but the joy is free

A dream so near yet so terribly dear

The time is ticking as the world is mimicking. 

Tricking thee to be the best of reality 

Flying or flowing, Its just the intimacy

Time is wrecking,

The night is fading

Rushing through these dreams I see the dream that beacons me. 

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

I see the light fading into the sky

Trapped in black, the darkness Soares every plack 

I see the way, the threat follows me anyway

A light soo bright yet soo terribly light

The fall is real, the pinnacle is near

I follow it anyway

It takes me on a wondrous dream 

The time is right for me to suffice. 

The light soo bright inverts this phase of equity

I fear I cower, I escape back to reality. 

I wish to live the same dream

But alas reality is filled with brutality. 

I wish to take my soul towards the clutches of virtuality. 

A feeling soo dear yet so unreal

This virtuality isn't my punctuality. 

I turn to face reality. 

The time is ticking as the world is wrecking. 

I see the clutches of this cruel reality. 

The darkness

The rhythm

And the irony that has composed this reality. 

Neither Reality, ney virtuality fused into the dream of sensuality. 

I can't stand this screaming reality

And so 

I dare to dream cause I know I'll scream.

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